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Using the modern technology and its components in restaurants leads to faster services with higher quality, so t’s become a key part in this business if the owners want to move ahead. Providing the most modern and cutting-edge technology hardware and software, we help actors in restaurant business improve their job via smart management systems.



In the current situation, with the fast growing and developing market, and the technology renovating the systems each day, managing big supermarket and chain stores seems impossible to do without the modern technology, Sales Automation system, online accurate supervision of all branches and sections. Online Accurate Supervision Systems provide the manager with a universal control over all sections, the possibility to control the supply process of warehouses, and an analytic statistics of sales and lots of more data related to this field, so that all makes it almost impossible for the sales process to be interrupted.



As the competition in retail business is increasing every day, new technology is seen and recognized as a powerful tool, so it’s being used in the market, and lead to higher functionality and sales. This approach towards using the new technology is the proper one for supermarkets, drug stores, beauty supply stores, clothes, bags, and shoes store, and generally wherever a transaction takes place, a kind of card is used to pay, a receipt is printed, or you can call it a point of sales.



One of the distinctive features of wholesalers, supermarket, and groceries, is the fact that they sell based on weight, so they need scales, but this time not the old ones, but smart scales, integrated into POS systems, helping groceries manage their business easier and faster.



One of the other fields of business potentially a great ground for POS Terminals Functionality is the recreation centres like amusement parks, cinemas, theatres, hotels and anywhere related to these fields in which a POS system could be utilized, specially with the touch-screen and harsh-environment-suitable designs available.

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